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right-arrow-smallConsumers rely on ATM banking more than ever before.

right-arrow-smallMerchants need totally reliable ATM solution providers.

right-arrow-smallATMWorld is a global leader in complete, customized ATM services.

Full Spectrum

  • ATMWorld is a leading provider with innovative technology and services, trusted by over 7,000 valued customers.
  • ATMWorld delivers a full spectrum of ATM services including processing, maintenance, and cash management.
  • We customize solutions to meet the specific requirements of our satisfied customers.

Total Solution

  • ATM World operates and manages over 10,000 ATM’s in the United States processing over 4 million monthly transactions.
  • ATM World links major retail, pharmacy, grocery and hospitality chains with its network of equipment and service providers as well as offering worry free maintenance and processing.
  • Fully insured vault cash allows you to focus on your enterprise.
  • Our nation-wide selection of vendors competes to bring you the best pricing in Armoured Courier delivery.
  • Smart Safe solutions allow you to speed up cash flow and accelerate your revenue.

Who We Are

ATMW is a leading ATM solution provider with innovative technology and services, trusted by over 10,000 valued customers. ATMW delivers the full spectrum of ATM services including:

  • Processing
  • Maintenance
  • Cash Management
  • Bank Branding
  • Marketing Support

Our maintenance department has a responsive and enthusiastic support staff to assist you in a professional manner.

ATMW assigns managers to specific merchants to provide them with in-depth knowledge of their particular ATM platform and help them get the right solution in a timely manner.

24/7 Support

Our service department maintains proprietary software that constantly supervises ATM performances on our network. When an unexpected ATM service interruption occurs, the system will automatically generate a notice to our vendor and we will instantaneously dispatch the technician most qualified to handle the situation.

ATMW monitoring division supervises all problematic and difficult situations that may arise and we provide rapid follow-up within hours of any incident. This means that we can insure that all situations will be resolved properly and in accordance with our company’s high standards and protocol.

Transaction Processing

ATMW has a variety of reliable alliances with processors to provide an efficient and flexible operating environment for all our customers. With access to our settlement department, it has never been easier to view transactions from our records or track information.

Having such reliable and efficient processing functions, ATMW offers very low operating costs to participating merchants through various national and regional networks. By using the proper system for transaction processing, ATMW is able to give personalized attention to every single problem. As a result, our transaction processing system sets ATMW apart from all competitors.