Cash Forecasting

Never Run Out of Cash

Using advanced forecasting technology and historical data, our application automatically determines the optimal amounts of cash to order and ship each night as part of a scheduled batch process.


Our dedicated and experienced account managers understand the cash flow process and can help you minimize costs and prevent loss by optimizing your load schedules and cash amounts. Our advanced analytics run continuous regression on your machines to minimize your expenses and increase your uptime.

  • Each load amount is calculated using in-depth analysis of transaction history.
  • Terminals are categorized by seasonality and variability patterns.
  • Short-term and long-term transactions trends are considered.
  • Target residual percentages are set for each ATM.


Our application automatically determines the correct amounts to cash to order and ship daily using historic data state-of-the-art technology as part of the scheduled batch process. Our metrics include:

  • Per machine residual cash percentages
  • ATM performance
  • Cash load confirmations
  • Fast service ticket response time
  • Analysis is available in realtime 24/7 by using our convenient web and mobile application.


Not only do we optimize your load amounts, we optimize load schedules. Is it most cost effective to load weekly, every other week, or monthly? That depends on a variety of factors. Cost of funds, dispenser capacity, and carrier costs all have to be considered. ATMW regularly analyzes your load schedules so you’re operating as efficiently as possible.

  • Reduces cash levels by accurately predicting cash requirements.
  • Provides preemptive cash outage notifications.
  • Adjusts forecasts for holidays peak times.
  • Real time monitoring and efficiency through advanced reporting tools.
Cash Forecasting