Service Plans

Customized Levels of Service

Our custom service plans offer the highest level of support and maintenance for your worry-free business operations.


Our FULL SERVICE plan allows store owners to receive revenue with no investment or effort to take care of the ATM. The only requirement for store owners using this plan is to supply electricity for the ATM. ATMWorld provides ATM, transaction processing, cash, ATM supplies, maintenance and repairs, telecommunications and insurance.

Revenue with NO investment and NO effort.

  • Owners who want to generate earnings but want no investment of money or time with the ATM.


Our standard plan is designed for store owners who want to realize maximum profit from their ATM. ATMWorld provides transaction processing while owners provide the initial investment and are responsible for supplying and loading cash into the ATM, maintenance and repairs, utilities and insurance.

Maximum revenue with Maximum investment and effort.

  • Owners who want to earn the maximum from their ATM.
  • Owners who are willing to invest in an ATM and will spend time and money on the program.
  • Owners who are willing to be very involved in maintaining their ATM.
Service Plans


ATM ATMW Benefits
ATM Purchase/Lease Cost  
ATM Delivery Cost  
ATM Installation Cost  
ATM Upgrade Cost  
Cash Services
Supplies the Cash  
ATM Supplies
Supply Cost  
Loads the supplies in ATM  
Maintenance & Repair
Basic Care  
Technical Care  
Store Utilities
Electricity Cost
Telecommunication Cost  
ATM Insurance Cost  
ATM Cash Insurance Cost  
Set the surcharge fee  
Transaction Processing
Minimum Monthly Transaction Requirements 250 0